Our Culture

As a certified Great Place To Work, our employees contribute every day to a culture that is fast-paced, dynamic, energetic, inclusive, and collaborative. Our employees are the building bridges across all sites and levels to innovate, diversify, and grow our industry.

We are part of a large global enterprise that includes 10 entities.

25% of us have stepped into new positions in the last year. Countless others have taken on stretch assignments to further their skills and capabilities.

72% of our workforce is comprised of people of color.

We have women’s networking groups in all of our locations, and strong male allies. Women represent 25% of our senior leadership. But, we aspire to do more. That’s why we’ve invested in developing our most promising early to mid-career female talent via our Women in Leadership program.

60% of us have volunteered with more than 30 different nonprofits to help positively impact the lives of the diverse communities we serve.

10% have traveled for international work assignments.

Diverse Yet United

At HCA, having a diverse and inclusive workplace goes beyond compliance-based, visible diversity. It’s also about celebrating and honoring employee differences in areas like life experiences, culture, opinions, thoughts and beliefs. Our differences are what help us maximize our employees’ unique skills, foster innovation, and better serve our customers.

Here are a just a few things that speak to our diversity and inclusion story:


Hyundai Capital America 2021

Whether working remote, in-person, or hybrid, we know our team is Better Together, which is why HCA strives to build a connected culture that promotes collaboration, embraces change, and provides tools for team members to thrive and grow.