Growth & Recognition

As a fast-growing company, HCA offers employees exciting opportunities to work on the big projects and initiatives that drive our success and define who we are.

Seoul, Korea

Global Site Visit

Global Site Visit

NSV to CA offices

HCA Grand Staircase

Roundtable with Jim Hazboun

CA to ATL office

Site Visits

The Global Site Visit is an eye-opening incentive/reward opportunity for outstanding employees to visit Hyundai Capital Services in Seoul, Korea for five days to learn more about their operations, network, and enhance mutual understanding.

The National Site Visit (NSV) was designed to complement the Global Site Visit program by rewarding outstanding employees with a growth and recognition trip to either California or Atlanta. Attendees will tour the locations, meet with local leaders, and participate in functional discussions and best–practice sharing. The trips are designed to increase their knowledge of HCA’s business operations and appreciation for each department’s role in our success.


Service Awards

We recognize and reward employees at each 5 year milestone of service. It's just another way to say thank you for their continued contributions to HCA's success.​​

Pride Awards

We're pleased to recognize employees who go above and beyond to foster engagement and Pride, and help make HCA a fun place to work.​

Spot Recognition

To foster more frequent recognition, each department has their own "on the spot" recognition budget to use as they choose when their team members go above and beyond.

Employee Recognition

Each department gets an employee recognition budget based on their headcount.